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The ICOS Instructions

The BADM system

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ICOS Instructions

The Instruction documents have been prepared by the ICOS ETC on the basis of the ICOS Protocols in order to give practical and technical information to the ICOS station teams on the setup, management and submission of measurements and instruments related to ICOS variables.

Instructions are documents that are regularly updated and for this reason a versioning system is in place. Each Instruction document has also a DOI attributed in order to increase clearness and allow reference to the exact version applied. All the previous versions are also available for each Instruction and the changes reported.

In the table here below the Instruction documents today available are reported with the link to the specific page where they can be downloaded. Note that these versions are exactly the same available in the ICOS Alfresco system.

Instruction document Current version
Eddy Covariance CO2, Energy and Momentum Turbulent Fluxes 20220823
Storage Fluxes Measurements (CO2, H2O, CH4 and N2O) 20170307
Air Meteorological Measurements (TA, RH, PA, WS, WD) 20170130
Precipitation Measurements 20211223
Radiation Measurements 20180620
PPFD Transmitted Measurements 20221001
Soil Meteorological Measurements (TS,SWC, G) 20180615
Water Table Depth Measurement 20190423
Station and Site Description 20161220
Setting Up the Spatial Sampling Scheme 20211223
Ancillary Vegetation Measurements in Cropland 20200331
Ancillary Vegetation Measurements in Forest 20211109
Ancillary Vegetation Measurements in Grassland 20200316
Ancillary Vegetation Measurements in Mires 20200316
Site Characterization Measurements in Forest 20170831
Site Characterization Measurements in Grassland 20170517
Site Characterization Measurements in Mires 20180209
Foliar Samples Collection and LMA Ratio Determination 20210614
Soil ​Samples ​Collection and Preparation 20211109
Plant Species Reporting 20170129
Raw Data Format for CO2 Eddy Covariance Measurements 20180810
Raw Data Format for Meteorological Measurement 20211223
Raw Data Format for Storage Measurement 20211223
The ICOS BADM use 20171013
Station Team Description 20190321
Field-Map Instrument 20180809
AccuPAR LP-80 PAR/LAI Ceptometer 20170524
SS1 SunScan Canopy Analysis System 20190708
Associated Stations Data 20200821
Guideline for Protocols and Instructions update 20221001


The BADM system

The non-continuous information, including general station description, metadata about the sensors and setup, maintenance and disturbance events, biological and ecological data that characterize the ecosystem etc., are submitted using the BADM system. The Biological, Ancillary, Disturbance and Metadata (BADM) protocol is standardized across the FLUXNET networks, in particular between AmeriFlux and the European Network. In the context of ICOS specific variables designed for the characteristics of the ICOS data (raw data processing, standardized protocols and Instructions etc.) have been created following exactly the same BADM structure and logic. All the ICOS-BADM variables are fully compatible with the standard BADM and the ETC will care about their reformatting and aggregation.

The BADM variables can be submitted in three different ways: 1) using the BADM templates and files (available here) that can be submitted in the PI Area, 2) using the web form in the Online BADM tool available in the PI Area or, 3) using the ICOS ETC Upkeep Tool APP, available for Android. For more information about the BADM system and how to fill in the template or the online tool refer to the Instruction on how to use the ICOSBADM.

The is an Instruction document that describe the principles of the BADM system and gives information about how to use it (available here). In addition a Frequently Asked Questions document is regularly updated and can be used to get additional information on specific cases and conditions.


ICOS ETC Upkeep Tool APP

The ETC Upkeep Tool has been designed for the Ecosystem Stations participating to the ICOS Ecosystem Network. The APP allows to report and submit BADM variables about eddy covariance and meteo sensors to the ICOS ETC. In addition it allows to collect and submit photos and to manage a virtual site fieldbook to register text, images, audio and drawing that are shared in the ICOS station team. The APP requires a login that is available only for the ICOS ecosystem stations member. It is possible to request a test account also for people external to ICOS writing at Data privacy policy related to the APP is available here.

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